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Samsung special project promo website

Samsung has been the official sponsor of the National Olympic Team of Ukraine for 16 years. The company actively promotes sports and supports the Olympic movement.

In 2016 Samsung released its flagship smartphones Galaxy s7 and Galaxy s7 edge on the eve of the Olympic games. Samsung Ukraine also joined the gadget announcement in Ukraine.


Our task was to engage Ukrainians to support the national Olympic team, and to encourage them to spread the Olympic movement. We needed to convey the sports spirit to the audience.

Also, we had to make an off-beat announcement about Galaxy s7 and Galaxy s7 edge release.


We had two concurrent tasks which needed to be brought together by using native integration.

Our task was to inspire the audience to support the Olympic team, and also to remind unobtrusively about the flagship smartphone release.

The Ukrainian sportsmen are the world stars. Unfortunately, they are still little known in their own country.

We integrated the national campaign by Samsung "Inspired by Ukraine" with digital communication which was designed to make Ukrainian sports and sportsmen popular.

Using the promo website, we compared the Olympians’ possibilities, their endurance, power, and agility with the smartphone characteristics.

The users could support the sportsmen on their way to the games in Rio through every step of getting to know the Olympians. 

With the constructor, the users could create an individual poster and share it through social media.

The main idea was to place the posts on the personal pages, in order to encourage the Olympic team.

Also, there was a pleasant bonus: the users would win a Galaxy s7 edge if they shared the post depicting not only a sportsman but also a smartphone.

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